FTCE General Knowledge Practice Test Questions

Below are sample FTCE General Knowledge practice test questions from various areas of the exam.

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FTCE GK Mathematics Practice Test Question

Super-Yummy Soup, Inc. wants to paint their entire soup can red, including the top and bottom. If the diameter of the lid (x) is 5 cm, and the height of the can (y) is 9 cm, what is the approximate total surface area that will need to be painted?

A. 97.3 cm2
B. 164 cm2
C. 154.2 cm2
D. 180.6 cm2

FTCE GK Reading Practice Test Question

What is the relationship between these two sentences?

Sentence 1: Our food was coarse corn meal boiled.

Sentence 2: This was called mush.

A. Sentence 2 restates a point made in sentence 1.

B. Sentence 2 contradicts the main idea in sentence 1.

C. Sentence 2 clarifies a point made in sentence 1.

D. Sentence 2 defines a phrase in sentence 1.

FTCE GK English Language Skills Practice Test Question

Deirdre _______ her stylish new outfit at Jerry’s birthday party.

A. flouted

B. flagged

C. flaunted

D. flanked

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