FTCE Elementary Education Practice Test Questions

Below are sample FTCE Elementary Education practice test questions from various areas of the exam.

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FTCE Elem. Ed. Mathematics Practice Test Question

Find the mean absolute deviation of the following data set:

18, 20, 16, 18, 19, 17

A. 18
B. 6
C. 1
D. 0

FTCE Elem. Ed. Lang. Arts & Reading Practice Test Question

Which of the following would not necessarily be associated with a metacognitive reader?

A. Highly developed word recognition

B. The ability to recognize errors or contradictions in text

C. Awareness of one’s own biases

D. Applying different reading strategies to different types of text

FTCE Elem. Ed. Science Practice Test Question

Hemophilia, a blood disorder, is much more common in males than in females because:

A. It is caused by an X chromosome linked gene.

B. It is caused by an Y chromosome linked gene.

C. Men are genetically predisposed to having less stable blood.

D. The hemophilia gene is only carried in sperm cells.

FTCE Elem. Ed. Social Science Practice Test Question

How did the U.S. respond to the European war in the late 1930s?

A. It tightened its neutrality to ensure that it did not get involved

B. It began sending weapons and soldiers to help defend Great Britain and France

C. It signed an agreement with Germany committing to stay out of the conflict

D. It remained neutral, but began taking steps to prepare for war

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